Defensive Driver Training : Passenger vehicles

This is the core driver training that MasterDrive provides. Defensive driving is driving in a way that can prevent potential collisions, irrespective of the incorrect actions of other road users in various weather, road and traffic conditions. As 90% of crashes are as a result of human error, training all drivers in defensive driving could result in drastic changes to crashes and the consequent road fatality statistics

Defensive off-road and 4×4 training

For many companies, 4×4 and SUVs form a large part of their fleets. If your drivers spend considerable amounts of time on dirt roads, training in these conditions is crucial. Challenges faced on tar-surfaced roads are different to sand and dirt.

It is crucial to understand the differences and adapt driving to suit this. Upskilling drivers to handle these conditions gives them the vital ability to perform their function safely and to the best of their ability.

Collision avoidance and skid control

MasterDrive is appointed as the official representative of SkidMonster in South Africa and the rest of Africa. This is a specialised training tool to simulate what it feels like to lose control of a vehicle. SkidMonster is effective in training drivers in risk prevention.

The practical component allows drivers to feel what it is like to go into a skid and how to implement what has been learnt in theory to safely get yourself out of that situation. It is an opportunity to experience both conventional and other skid control and detection courses.

Drivers learn about the prevention and detection of a skid along with the correction of skids. The training inspires confidence and guarantees results.

It is highly recommended that a defensive driving course is completed prior to this program.

Driver Assessments – Passenger & Commercial

Some drivers have obtained their licences in vehicles that were only driven for their drivers test, these vehicles are driven without a load and for the purposes of obtaining their drivers licenses therefore an in-vehicle driving assessment is a per-requisite. It will determine what skills are lacking and whether or not the driver has knowledge of relevant road regulations and standards. In expensive HGV s and buses this is even more important.

High performance and precision driving

Many drivers embrace the experience of being on the road, behind the wheel of their vehicle of choice but not all know how to extract the very best: the intoxicating feel of pushing themselves and their vehicle to the limit.

Enrol in the MasterDriver Advanced Driving program to earn the bragging rights – the rights to say you have been on the track – wet or dry – and pushed yourself to the limits, and new ones, in a way that makes for both enjoyable and safer motoring on the road.

This driver training programme is for organisations that require a specific set of skills in their line of duty as well. Amongst others these include emergency response crews and law enforcement authorities. Dedicated facilities on a circuit allow for safe coaching and deployment of appropriate vehicles and equipment.

Eco-driving and fuel saving

Over the course of a year a fleet can save considerable amounts of fuel through eco-driving. Drivers are taught how to reduce petrol consumption, on average, by between 15% and 18%.

A vehicle travelling 3 000 km per month (at 10L/100km) can save R5 000 each a year. When you multiply this by a fleet of 100 this results in a cost-saving of almost half a million Rand per year. In HGVs this can exceed R10 000 in savings.

There are also peripheral costs associated with eco-driving in the running of a fleet. Eco-drivers tend to be safer drivers. As eco-driving is a core part of defensive driver training, drivers improve their driving techniques, resulting in a reduction in costly, and often, tragic, crashes.

As the world becomes increasingly aware of our impact on the environment, doing your part to reduce your footprint on the environment is essential. Reduced fuel consumption automatically reduces your carbon footprint. A mere saving of 3 litres/100 km will, on average, save 1 tonne of CO2

Safety awareness workshop

Many organisations embrace road safety as a core value. These organisations underscore the value of road safety by making workshops and safety days, with various safety demonstrations, available to their employees. These contain specific components that demonstrate and promote safe driving.

  • The Drunk Buster or Fatigue Goggles simulate how driving under the influence can affect driving.
  • The Seatbelt Convincer shows the effect that even a mild impact can have on the body.
  • Condensed USX presentation

K53 Driving Academy (MasterDrive approved)

Unfortunately, the high level of fraud in the current licensing system has resulted in a large number of drivers that may have obtained their driving licenses illegally. These shortcomings become apparent when newly licensed drivers take to the road.

For companies that hire new drivers, this requires them to undertake remedial training for employees whose driving standards may not be on par.

MasterDrive has embarked on a process of accrediting approved organisations to better facilitate the integration of ‘affected’ drivers into the workforce.

USX – Urban Survival Xperience

In light of the high hijack statistics, it is pertinent that every South African should know exactly what to do if hijacked in the same way that we know how to read and write.

MasterDrive’s Urban Survival Xperience (USX) trains drivers and passengers in these skills. The course shows individuals how to be aware of potentially dangerous situations. The reality, however, is that no one can guarantee a driver will never be a victim of a carjackinging and, for this reason, it teaches one how to handle and react to a scenario like this.

Drivers encounter many other dangerous situations on the roads. Whether this is facing criminals at a traffic lights or being followed, every possible way that a driver’s personal safety can be threatened is considered. The training is developed based on the experience of police officers and other experts.

This course includes both theoretical and practical training that shows:

  • Drivers how to be aware of their surroundings and potentially avoid dangerous situations
  • How to safely extract themselves and passengers during a hijack experience
  • Drivers to handle other threats to their safety on the road

The training helps empower every person with the knowledge to keep themselves and their families safe on the roads.

For more information on the Urban Survival Xperience that relates to truck drivers, please contact the MasterDrive team.

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