While there is no need to panic about AARTO, it is important to be aware of the changes the law entails for businesses and have a plan to deal with the changes it will bring. More effort needs to be put into tracking drivers who are fined or suspended. Employment contracts need adjustment and proxies need to be appointed.

Businesses also need to know what recourse is available if a drivers’ license is suspended. No company can afford to have vehicles or drivers incapacitated for months at a time. Additionally, fines accumulated in the driver’s personal capacity can now impact your business and new guidelines around this should be drafted.

These are questions that MasterDrive will answer in their workshops on AARTO. There is a full-day workshop for fleet operators and business owners detailing what changes and preparation is needed. For drivers there is a half-day MasterClass that clarifies the impact on them and how to best prepare.

If you are ready for the changes AARTO will bring, you can rather focus on how safer roads will benefit your organisation and your drivers.

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