MasterDrive launched the Fleet Safety Awards in 2022 to recognise organisations and fleet managers that prioritize road safety. The potential of their own Awards to motivate individuals and operators to promote road safety was seen by the bus industry.

Consequently, MasterDrive partnered with the South African Bus Operators Association (SABOA) to replicate the Awards. If one thinks of the large amount of people that travel in buses, the magnitude of the SABOA Fleet Safety Awards on road safety will be significant.

A bus crash can have a considerable impact because it affects a larger quantity of people. With so many lives in the hands of drivers, those tirelessly working to improve road safety and get travellers safely to their destination deserve the recognition this warrants.

The SABOA Fleet Safety Awards is launching their inaugural Awards to acknowledge those throughout an organisation involved in playing their role to improve road safety. It is important to recognise those that live up to the road safety ethos.

The Categories

A number of new categories have been added in addition to Best Fleet Manager and Best Company.

A manager that exhibits qualities of an individual committed to building a fleet that prioritises road safety. Their implementation of company policies and strategies is centered around creating safer roads and a safe working environment for each member of their fleet.

An organisation that illustrates their promotion of road safety in the fleet policies and strategies implemented within their fleet and through the creation of a company ethos of road safety.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Create a profile by clicking ‘Sign up’ and start completing the entry form. There are two rounds in each category. Once you successfully pass the first round you will be notified and can start completing the second round.

The SABOA Fleet Safety Awards are completely anonymous. Registering a profile will ensure your anonymity as you will receive a ‘unique ID’ which you will use throughout the process.

Only individuals can compete. You can personally enter yourself or your organisation or you can nominate another person or organisation.

There are two rounds in the SABOA Fleet Safety Awards. Your first entry will be assessed to determine if you meet the parameters of that round. If you do, you will move onto the second round. A number of judges will anonymously score your answers which will be collated to arrive at a final score. Finally, the results will be audited to confirm the final placements.

You can only submit one entry per category but you can enter more than one category.

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