International Partners

Our international partners are those organisations that are actively engaged in work-related road safety. These organisations promote MasterDrive’s programmes within their business networks.


DriveTech is the world leader in fleet risk and safety management, and driver training. It is the UK’s largest provider of driver offender retraining courses. DriveTech delivers fleet consultancy, driver assessment and training services in over 95 countries, in 35 languages through over 40 partners. These products and services improve driver safety, reduce fleet running costs and ensure compliance with legal obligations and duty of care responsibilities.

National Institute for Driver Behaviour in USA – NIDB

The National Institute for Driver Behaviour in USA provides awareness and car control skills training that is needed to avoid crashes. Professor Mottola’s Driving MIND Non-profit Foundation, offers Driving Mind eCoach programs for family members from teens to seniors to learn the strategies of Awareness and Car control to develop expert driving performance as a counter measure against the wrongful actions of other road users.