Frequently Asked Questions

It is a set of driving skills and techniques that allows you to protect yourself against possible accidents caused by the improper actions of other road users in various weather, road and traffic conditions.  These techniques provide you with the ability to anticipate a risk based on a situation and prevent a possible accident.  Defensive driver training goes beyond the basics but also allows the mastery of driving.

  • Reduces the chance of being involved in a collision by up to 50%
  • Minimises hijack risk
  • Employees will pay greater respect to vehicles and consequently reduce wear and tear on mechanical components and vehicle in general
  • Improved fuel consumption by up to 18%
  • Improve vehicle utilization / less vehicle down time when vehicles are out of commission due to repair/damage
  • Improved staff productivity when less time is taken off as a result of injuries and hospitalisation
  • Reduces fatalities and consequences of serious collisions
  • Possible reduction in insurance premiums
  • Reduced stress and pressure whilst driving
  • Skid control and collision avoidance: drivers experience what it feels like to lose control on a wet surface and learn how to control the skid
  • Greater compliance and respect for the rules of the road whilst driving
  • Anyone with a valid driving license
  • Fleet drivers
  • Sales people
  • Drivers who need to improve their driving skills

Send your training request to after which you will be contacted by our business support team.  Should you wish to proceed with training, dates will be made available to you in the respective region, alternatively if you would like a free consultation, we will arrange a MasterDrive brand enthusiast to contact you within 24 hours

We recommend you attend in the car you use daily. This is so that you improve your understanding of the dynamics and safety features of the car you drive. If you drive a rear wheel drive vehicle eg. a bakkie, there is no benefit attending the course in a front wheel hatch.

Comfortable clothes with closed shoes.

Most major companies accept our certificates and will review you profile. However, you are advised to confirm this with your insurer.

MasterDrive driver training offers a comprehensive driver assessment for both heavy vehicles and light vehicles. We will perform a full assessment to see whether your driver understands and follows the rules of the road, drives in a responsible manner and is constantly aware of their surroundings – in other words a defensive driver.

MasterDrive performs assessments on new or potential employees to determine their skill and risk levels. Once this has been determined, MasterDrive can recommend the best course of action to rectify, should there be any issues.

Advanced driving means different things depending on the discipline of driving under discussion.
On public roads, it means being able to predict and prevent emergencies to a standard far above that of the everyday driver. Some forms of advanced road driving, like chauffeur driving, require an even higher skill level than this. At MasterDrive we focus on advanced mastery of the public road environment through defensive driving skills.

Yes, MasterDrive endorses various training academies. Please enquire at

Defensive driving is conducted on normal roads on which the driver usually drives. The purpose of which is not to teach racing skills but defensive driving.

Any license that is accepted by South African authorities.

Duration is dependent on the type of course, enquire when making your booking.

In order to complete the curriculum along with in-car and road test examination, training needs to start at 8:30am latest.

Resources and trainers have already been allocated and these cannot be supplied or delivered elsewhere if the client does not arrive.

Certification varies depending on the course completed. MasterDrive’s three module course has a certification of competency.

Dependant on availability, contact our business support representatives to ascertain this information.

  • In-car, can be postpone for 1 month by arrangement
  • Final assessment can be postponed for 1 month after the standard 21 days by arrangement
  • In-car after virtual training can be extended for 1 extra month outside of the usual 3-month period by arrangement

Training at our venue:

  • Screening done at entry of premises – temperature check, sanitising and Covid-19 screening questionnaire must be completed
  • Scheduled sanitising done during the day – roster accessible for viewing
  • No mask, no entry rule
  • Social distancing protocol adhered to
  • Correct PPE worn by MasterDrive trainers and staff: face masks/shields
  • Trainers get monthly Vitamin B / Neurobion injections
  • All staff receive vitamin supplements that are taken daily
  • None of the MasterDrive staff use public transport
  • Trainers will undertake Covid-19 testing
  • Isolation room available with phone

In-vehicle Training:

Vehicle touch points are sanitised and trainers adhere to the correct Covid-19 protocols

  • Touchpoints include:
    • Seatbelt
    • Dashboard
    • Door handles
    • Arm rest
    • Seat
    • Floor

1 year from date of issue however we encourage the voucher to be used within 3 months of issue

Due to the changing date by government, we keep up to date with the latest adjustments as issued by government

Yes, standard practice is one month however due to Covid-19 there is a 3-month grace period from the date of expiry stated on the certificate