MCV – Medium Commercial Vehicle Driver Training

Drivers on South African roads see them every day: medium commercial vehicles transporting their loads from one point to another. Yet, much less attention is paid to this category of vehicles and the skills required to safely drive these vehicles.

Many of the items we find on shop shelves are delivered by these types of vehicles. Their agility also makes it considerably easier to move stock around in this manner compared to larger trucks.

Drivers of medium commercial vehicles need to be accustomed to driving with loads that diminish and change throughout the day. Adjusting one’s driving to changing loads requires a specific skill set. Our medium commercial training is designed to help drivers understand different load requirements.

The training will also provide instruction on how the position of a load can affect bearing and stability, how centrifugal force, or the force that arises as a result of the inertia, affects handling of the vehicle and the effect braking, reaction time and the centre of gravity can have.

The new training is based on the same concept as the Rollover Prevention Training. An extra outrigger has been fitted to the training vehicle. Candidates can feel the consequences of incorrect driving techniques without overturning.

Reduce your risk with MCV – Medium Commercial Vehicle Driver Training

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