HGV – Heavy Goods Vehicle Rollover Prevention Training

Liquid and dry bulk

Heavy-duty vehicle rollovers and the consequential damages, particularly when fuel and other dangerous goods are involved, can be massive. This dictates that practical training, for drivers to better understand critical factors, is essential.

Solid loads

Solid loads require a specific skill set to prevent costly rollovers. Drivers need to adapt to changing loads and adjust driver behaviour to avoid rollovers.

The MasterTrucker, rollover truck, is a fully equipped tanker with outriggers. This allows drivers to feel at what point a rollover can occur without going over. Drivers also learn about factors such as the Centre of Gravity (COG) and centrifugal forces and how they can significantly impact the driver’s risk of rollover.

MasterDrive’s, one-of-a-kind training in Africa, has been proven to save up to R80 million in one fleet. This alone motivates corporations to embrace the training techniques.

Defensive driving – HGV and commercial

Several manufactures offer training on the purchase of their vehicles but few, if any, focus on the application of defensive driving to improve road safety. When completed one-on-one, this training not only reduces crashes (or the severity of the crash) it also improves fuel consumption and boosts driver morale and confidence. Maintenance costs are reduced as well.

The training is adapted to the challenges facing South African drivers and is a must-have for companies. It also motivates insurers to evaluate their risk objectively.

Medium commercial vehicle (MCV) driver training

Mid-sized commercial vehicles are a common sight on South African roads. Many of the items we find on our shop shelves depend on these vehicles to get there. For economic reasons shop owners do not want massive amounts of stock. It is also considerably easier to move stock around with these vehicles unlike with larger trucks.

Yet, MCVs also require drivers to be accustomed to driving with loads that diminish and change throughout the day. Navigating between changing loads requires a specific skill set. MasterDrive’s training helps drivers understand different load requirements.

The training uses the same concept that MasterDrive’s rollover prevention training uses. The bespoke training vehicle allows drivers to feel the consequences of a moving load. A driver will quickly see how going around a corner too fast can put them in danger of overturning.

MasterDrive is leading the way in medium commercial vehicle driver training as the only advanced driver trainers to offer this training in Africa.

HGV – Vehicle technology applications

The safety features of vehicles advance every day, especially as certain brands start to implement semi-autonomous driving features. In certain instances, it is mandatory that certain active safety features, such as ABS and ESP, are fitted in vehicles.

Yet, few drivers ever have the benefit of being exposed to the benefits of these – until they are involved in a collision. This training is not only educational but completely practical as drivers are able to see how the laws of physics challenge road users. It gives drivers an opportunity to not only understand safety technology but how to use this technology properly.

Driver assessments (passenger and commercial vehicles)

Some drivers have obtained their driving licences in vehicles that were only driven for their driving test.

Often, with commercial vehicles in particular, these vehicles are driven without a load and only for the purposes of the test. Consequently, in-vehicle driving assessments are a becoming an essential to ensure you hire competent and experienced drivers into your workforce.

These assessments determine what skills are lacking and whether or not the driver has knowledge of relevant road regulations and standards. In expensive HGVs and buses, with great potential to do harm should something go wrong, this is a necessity.

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