Fuel Efficient & Eco Driving – Passenger and Commercial

Over the course of a year a fleet can save considerable amounts of fuel through eco-driving. Drivers are taught how to reduce petrol consumption, on average, by between 15% and 18%.

A vehicle travelling 3 000 km per month (at 10L/100km) can save R5 000 each a year. When you multiply this by a fleet of 100 this results in a cost-saving of almost half a million Rand per year. In HGVs this can exceed R10 000 in savings.

There are also peripheral costs associated with eco-driving in the running of a fleet. Eco-drivers tend to be safer drivers. As eco-driving is a core part of defensive driver training, drivers improve their driving techniques, resulting in a reduction in costly, and often, tragic, crashes.

As the world becomes increasingly aware of our impact on the environment, doing your part to reduce your footprint on the environment is essential. Reduced fuel consumption automatically reduces your carbon footprint. A mere saving of 3 litres/100 km will, on average, save 1 tonne of CO2

Reduce your risk with Fuel Efficient & Eco Driving – Passenger and Commercial

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