• When it comes to driver protection, simplicity is the key – and MasterDrive NOCELL makes it easy to enhance your drivers’ compliance, safety and security.

MasterDrive NOCELL

MasterDrive NOCELL is an application that effectively allows Fleet Managers to enforce their safety protocols by applying & administering restrictions aligned with an organisations’ driving policy.

Fleet Managers can use MasterDrive NOCELL to whitelist certain applications such Bluetooth phone calls and navigation apps while blocking others such as emails, text messages and social media. MasterDrive NOCELL technology even allows you the ability to detect a second phone that the driver may be accessing in contravention of company driving policies.

Safety policies, that forbid distracted while driving behaviours, are no longer enough as technology becomes more pervasive and demands on employees grow.

MasterDrive NOCELL can be used in conjunction with current telematics systems of companies. The app provides basic information on employees’ driving behaviours that can be used along with the data from telematics providers to make informed decisions; amongst others, training needs.

As distracted while driving in the workplace remains a major issue across the world, MasterDrive NOCELL has the potential to make a change to that. Be a leader and take the step to change this in your company today.


Traffic Collisions are the #1 cause of workplace injuries and fatalities


Texting while driving is 6 times more likely to cause a crash than driving drunk


Answering a text takes your attention away for about 5 seconds


Cellphone use while driving leads to 1.6 million crashes annually in the US, reported by the National Safety Council


25% of all reported collisions are caused by cellphones in the US


2-second glances doubles the likelihood of a crash


20% of fleets suffer from a crash every year