Hands, Face & Space Pledge

The Hands, Face & Space Pledge:

I pledge, as a  member of the human race, to do my part in fighting this unwanted and uninvited ghoulish companion: I will therefore

  • Make my hands do their part in this battle by being fastidious in their application of soap and water, or failing that, hand sanitise as often as needed and then some more.
  • Ensure that my face, notwithstanding the overwhelming desire to share a smile, remains safely shielded so as to prevent any possible spread or exposure to the vile virus.
  • I will, notwithstanding my desire to be up close to my fellow man/woman, keep a space that respects the social distancing norms.

I further pledge that by battling this virus we shall win the war and therefore I will advocate the value of this pledge   by sharing the slogan  – Hands, Face & Space

Together we can stop the spread!

This is a personal pledge, please share if you care